Leo Seafood’s Golf tournament

Leo Seafood’s annual golf tournament was held on Saturday, June 4. 100 participants took part in the tournament in beautiful weather.

The winner was Þorsteinn Hallgrímsson who played on 72 shots, we wish him congratulations.


Construction in Botn, Friðarhöfn

Leo Seafood is constructing a building at Botn, Friðarhöfn in Vestmannaeyjar for ILFS which will be used as a juvenile production for the coming salmon farm in Vestmannaeyjar



Leo Seafood had its entire office space expanded and renovated and now holds up to 13 personnel. the canteen was also renovated and looks fantastic as you can see in the picture.


New flexicut cutting machine

We invested in a new Flexicut cutting machine from the danish company Dantech. The machine is 80% more precise than a human hand and it should increase our production speed by around 30-40%


Leo Seafood

The company’s name has changed from Godthaab í nöf to Leo Seafood the reason for the change is that there are new owners and they felt like the company needed a more user-friendly name. The name Leo runs in their family